Safer Than Home

Ensemble (Devised)

May 2017
Pace School of Performing Arts, New York City

May 4–8, 2018
The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row

June 2, 2018
State Puppet Theatre, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

A playground, a chess game, the locker room, Domeez camp, makeup tutorials, dating apps, subways, and dream ballets. Where do you go when home isn’t an option anymore? Safer Than Home is a devised piece by the Nostos Ensemble (@nostosensemble) directed by Ianthe Demos.


Nolan Atterbury, Kyle Best, Sophia Carlin, Alex Church-Gonzales, Ryan Cook, Chloe Gluchanicz, Abby Gumpper, Madi Hall (“Blue Bloods”), Robert Hamlin, Jordan Hudec, Chance Riley Kester, Melissa Myers, Kelly Ng, Asha Printup, Jade Rodriguez, Tamar Rubin (“Will & Grace”), and Yoni Weiss.