Safer Than Home

Ensemble (Devised)

Pace School of Performing Arts, New York City (2017)

The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row (2018)

State Puppet Theatre, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (2018)

A playground, a chess game, the locker room, Domeez camp, makeup tutorials, dating apps, subways, and dream ballets. Where do you go when home isn’t an option anymore? Safer Than Home is a devised piece by the Nostos Ensemble (@nostosensemble) directed by Ianthe Demos.


Nolan Atterbury, Kyle Best, Sophia Carlin, Alex Church-Gonzales, Ryan Cook, Chloe Gluchanicz, Abby Gumpper, Madi Hall (“Blue Bloods”), Robert Hamlin, Jordan Hudec, Chance Riley Kester, Melissa Myers, Kelly Ng, Asha Printup, Jade Rodriguez, Tamar Rubin (“Will & Grace”), and Yoni Weiss.